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Cool as a Watermelon

Ok, so that's not technically the saying. But is there anything better on a hot day than biting into a cold, juicy watermelon? I don't think so. The trick is to slurp as you bite to stop any juice running down your chin. After years of messy childhood summers, teen-agers have that skill down to a t.

I actually have friends who don't like watermelon because "it's too watery". Insert I-don't-know-her eyes here. But it's not just watermelon. It goes with any melon and cucumber too. I know, I don't get it. The added bonus with watermelon is that it's really sweet. I mean, it's FULL of natural sugars. No enhancement needed. It really is the best.

But in the summer we want ice cream, yes? Or, in my permanently ice addicted state, ice lollies. So what's more natural than combining summer's favourite dessert with summer's favourite fruit. I mean it makes such perfect sense. And I bought lolly moulds in the winter in anticipation of a hot summer and I wanted to use them at the absolute first opportunity I got.

Watermelon and Mint Ice Lollies

  • 400g fresh watermelon, seeded and chunked

  • 10 large mint leaves

  • 3/4 cup water

With ingredients that simple can you really not make it? In a blender, blitz all the ingredients until they're completely smooth. Give it a little taste. It should be sweet enough (mine definitely was) but if the watermelon is a little underripe, add up to a couple of teaspoons of sugar, but no more than that. Pour into ice lolly moulds. Leave to freeze for at least 4 hours - I left mine overnight.

Keep making these and enjoy them all summer long.


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